Motorsports Reporting, A Growing WWW Trend

There has been a small, but consistently growing voice in the support of amateur motorsports racing.

Motosports Reporting

It’s probably already been happening for quite some time.  But since I’m relatively new to this reporting experience, I’m seeing the growth firsthand as I surf for blog interest.  I started this blog in June of 2008 & I have personally seen the interest grow locally and Internet-related sites & forums become more frequent and available in number.

More people, average folks like you & me, are looking to enjoy racing in a personal way.  That is, couch racing is just not cutting it anymore.  As an interim step to actually getting out there and racing, the World Wide Web has been a phenomenal outlet and resource of good & available information.

I’ve had access to the Internet since 1994, at a blazing 14.4 Mhz speed!  Don’t you just miss those good ole dial-up days?  NOPE!  In those days, starting on CompuServe, I was just getting into basic e-mail with classmates.  Also, doing some IT-related searching for school studies with a handful of techie friends.  I had no clue what a forum was, although I had heard of people getting on bulletin board services.

Fast forward to today…

The Internet has continued to pleasantly surprise me as to what information one can find.  Being of a curious nature, I’m always looking up more stuff than I had intended on whatever primary search I had started.  Dedicated, multi-useful websites, forums and blogs are flourishing, dedicated to the amateurs’ pursuit of actual, hands-on autosports.  Thus, allowing you to more easily “Go from wannabe racer to successful racing competitor!”

Here’s a short, partial list of blogs, forums, websites & among other multi-source site I’ve found and that have also found Racing Ready – go ahead, review at your leisure:

  • Saabs United (formerly known as  This is Swade’s Saab enthusiasts’ blog.  I started reading his blog since the late Spring of 2007.  At the time I was “blog clueless”, but Swade inspired me to actually think I could do this blog thing myself…
  • Miata.netTHE resource site for inquiring Miata owners (just don’t try to promote anything…)
  • OnTrackDriver – a well-rounded autosports forum – Racing Ready is part of their RSS feed
  • DriversMeeting – a new social network site for people that choose to spend their quality time on race tracks
  • FullSolo – a great autocross participant site whose time ended TOO SOON!  Still great content to review there…
  • AutocrossForum – a grassroots autocross forum with a variety of articles dealing with the sport
  • North American Motorsports Pages – a thorough resource of USA-based race tracks – well done!
  • MyRacer – following the content of RACER Magazine, a different racing point of view
  • SCCAForums – a leading online discussion community for racing enthusiasts
  • Mulsanne’s Corner – a very interesting, insider’s point of view reporting of ALMS race cars & the Petit Le Mans Series
  • SpeedSecrets – they offer Services & Seminars (along with documented information) for driver development, training, and a driver coaching service
  • DrivenDaily – a blog colleague documenting the exploits of his 240Z rebuild, among other automotive-related content

Racing Ready is a small, but growing part of this www motorsports trend…join in & comment!


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