Super Lowered Datsun Shakotan S30 240Z

This recently came across my blog radar – I thought it could be of visual interest, but NOT AT ALL something one should consider doing for a true competitive modification.

Yuta's Low Low 240Z

To contrast & show you how a proper 240Z should look like & be setup, here’s a shot of Rick’s autocross machine, taken just last Sunday.  This was originally a 1972 Datsun 240Z that he has modified into an FP 280Zautocross campaigner .  This Datsun, with some engine rebuilds (& many other modifications), has provided Rick good competition in both South/Central Texas and in national autocross events, too.  Rick is also the President of SPOKES.

Rick's #197 FP 280Z (nee 240Z)

This is something different.  This extreme lowered Shakotan (super low down) S30 240Z is very reflective of the SoCal car culture…  Here are ALL the details & many more lowered & slammed pictures, by Antonio Alvendia – check it out at… and put some comments there if you like (after you also make some comments here, below).

Last weekend at the Japanese Classic Car Show, the Showa car lovers that gathered in Irvine California for this year’s event were treated to a sensory overload of Japanese nostalgic cars of all sorts – from Skylines to Corollas to rotaries to Hondas to Datsuns… Oh, the Datsuns!

Yuta's Low Low Low 240Z

Here is what the original owner (Yuta) wrote in his blog, in reaction to the car blog world’s reaction:  Thanks MotorMavens!

Thank you to Antonio at Motormavens for an awesome article and taking amazing photos of my car!

Oh, you speak English...? - Yuta's blog!

Racing Ready appreciates the variety of car cultures out there – this example is just one of the many facets, even if it’s WAY out there!


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  1. I’ve been looking for good wide wheels for awhile now, are Rick’s wheels Centerlines, or Diamond Racing Customs, or what? Do you happen to have any info on what they are, what size (height/width), and what offset/backspacing they are? They look absolutely killer, and they look pretty wide to boot!

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