Overwhelming Mustang Car Show

This past Sunday I stopped by my local Bass Pro Shops parking lot to check out the 28th Annual San Antonio Mustang Club Charity Car Show, Benefiting “Dare to Live”.  It could be best described in 1 word – WOW!

The AER Racing Team @ SA Mustang Car Show - Pano2

There was such a variety & quantity that I could not justify taking specific car model pix – there were just TOO many to look at & choose from.  One person I asked said there were over 400 entries registered!

SA Mustang Car Show - Pano6

As you can see, my best photographic contribution to this blog were a number of panorama pix I stitched together.  I this way I hope to share with you the grandeur & huge scope of this event.

SA Mustang Car Show - Pano4

As usual, click to enlarge & then click to amplify even bigger.  I purposely left these images big so you can see some of the many vehicles’ details…

SA Mustang Car Show - Pano3

I was able to get a cursory review of most of about 2/3’s of the cars in a quick hour (unfortunately I could not stay longer).  My only complaint was that the cars were parked in the lot within the size of a normal parking space, with only about 2 to 3 feet between each vehicle.

SA Mustang Car Show - Pano5

That size constraint did not do justice to the beauty & uniqueness of all these vehicles.  But then, the organizers were probably restricted to the spaces they had available.  I estimate they took up almost 1/3 of the total parking lot.

SA Mustang Car Show - Pano1

I hope these panorama shots give you some idea of what you missed.  Make plans to visit the 2010 version next year.  Raceing Ready is tentatively there already…


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  1. Dan, I also went and just found out that the show will again be at Bass Pro Shop next year. Should be even bigger.

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