…Wannabe To Real Racer!

Blog Change Rumblings – Tagline Improvement

Last night I entered into a new business partnership.  This will force some blog improvement.  That’s the plan anyway… more information will be definitely available as things development!

First out of the chute is a more direct & simplified tag line.

This is what it used to be:

Go from wannabe racer to successful racing competitor!

Well, that was too wordy – here it is now revised, much more direct & to the point!

…wannabe to real racer!

That’s more efficient & better reflection of the direction I need to drive this blog . . .
. . . as inspired by one of my favorite actors turned real racer – Paul Newman!

Paul Newman, in an on-track scene in the 1969 movie Winning, at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1968.

Racing Ready – shooting straight, and driving straighter!


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