End Of Racing Season Activities

How are you getting ready for the autumnal slow down in racing related activities?

In my world there are 2 autocross events still to compete in this year (11/15 & 12/06).  They are both of note, because these will be Karlino‘s first events on the replaced left rear control arms.  Of even more interest, I’ll see how the the mildly setup “autocross alignment” I had done at Firestone last week improves the handling.

The settings Ossie, Firestone alignment specialist, tried – he got close:

-1.2 camber
5.0* caster
0.00 toe

-1.7* camber
0.00 toe

Of more regional autocross/racing interest is the SPOKES December autocross event, on December 6th.  I have already preregistered for this event which will take place at the inspiring facility of Harris Hill Road (H2R).  This will be an autocross course set up on a portion of this 1.8 mile track.

H2R Course layout with the named corners labeled

This will be the 2nd SPOKES autocross at H2R.  The first one took place in May of 2008, about a month before the inception of this blog.  Had I known, I would have started sooner!  Here’s some video footage taken during that event by my friend Robert, from the rollbar of his Triumph Spitfire.

With Karlino’s suspension components back to normal, I am learning how the new handling works with the revised alignment settings.  It will be more interesting to see the handling changes (& hopefully improvements) at these 2 autocross events.  Some of you may want to come out to these events, as well.

So, fellow readers, what are your racing plans (whether it be bench or otherwise) as this season winds down?  Racing Ready wants to know so we don’t all get racing cabin fever before next Spring!


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One thought on “End Of Racing Season Activities”

  1. I just got a new wheel (Logitech g27) for driving games. It is really a step up from my old wheel. Driving games are for rainy days and non-race weekends though, and I will be at the last HCKC race on the 22nd. I am also looking forward to SWRA’s end of year track day which usually happens in December. Last year we did Eagles Canyon Raceway, which is an awesome track! This year is rumored to be something closer to San Antonio…

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