My Miata Ontrack Debut at H2R

Today was  a long & busy day, but I got it started off on the right foot, with my accelerator being squeezed underneath!

Big shoes on big feet hinder good autocross footwork!

I attended the S2KCA HPDE (high performance driver education) event at Harris Hill Road (H2R) this morning.  Today I was in blogger mode.  It was a well attended event, with many there who I’ve already blogged in articles here & many that have been reading here, too (THANKS!).  I was able to catch up to date with what’s been modified on a number of cars, met some new friends & got to see how their at speed driving has possibly improved.

S2KCA HPDE H2R Grid/Clubhouse Panorama

I attended this event for many reasons.  One of those was to get Karlino, my “new” 1999 Mazda Miata, out on the track.  During a midday break, Sondra Sondregger announced that there would be a few minutes to enjoy “parade” laps.  I did not hesitate.  I cinched down my CG-Lock & headed out.  The track was in the clockwise rotation today, the more common direction.

H2R course track map layout

Since Karlino’s left rear control arms have been recently replaced, I had the alignment put into a mild autocross setting.  For the last 2 weeks I’ve been getting used to the different handling.  I was still not sure if I liked it, or not.  I did 5 laps of the 1.8 mile track.  In the later laps I was able to start pushing the “rotational” ability to waltz through a corner.  The car has a slight tendency toward some oversteer, but it seems relatively easy control.  Please realize these were “parade” laps, on a track that I don’t know the proper lines through all the corners.  I will say that the ingress/egress orange cones were VERY helpful!  Also, I was probably at 7/10ths of the capacity of my Miata (the stock 14″ wheels shod with BF Goodrich TA Traction street tires).  I was at only about 5/10ths of my driving capability, but I was pushing it.  I have SO much to learn, but had fun!

S2KCA HPDE H2R Grid & Track

Bottom line?  Having this Miata as a great baseline driver’s car is SO much better than the 2000 Nissan Maxima SE (my former Big White Whale) I replaced this past summer.  I feel like I have at least a chance to improve my driving skills in this car, and I’m very pleased about that!!!

Karlino standing proud outside the Harris Hill Road (H2R) Clubhouse...

Racing Ready looks forward to continued improvement of this “nut behind the wheel”!


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