Racing Relationships, Inspired By Facebook

Since starting this blog over a 1.5 years ago, I have begun to feel a real part of the racing community.  This may sound strange, but the Facebook application has helped in this regard.  In the last 2.5 weeks I’ve been actively trolling & “friending” within Facebook.  I’m impressed by the number of amateurs & professionals that are active in motorsports & the supporting industries.

Facebook Racing Ready promotion image

This has inspired me to “up my game” on this blog.  I am beginning to forge new relationships (both professional & cooperative) to further forward our mutual goals.

On Facebook I’ve seen all sorts of racing series participation:

  • IndyCar
  • Formula 1
  • Formula Atlantic
  • Sprint & Modified Cars (on dirt tracks)
  • American Le Mans Series
  • NHRA & IHRA Drag Racing (dragsters, cars & motorcycles)
  • Motorcycle racing
  • SCCA & NASA Road Racing
  • Motorboat racing
  • …and of course, Autocross participation, among others…

There are many different racing formats (some I have probably forgotten).  These appeal to & are participated in by both men & women, both amateur & professional, & at all levels around the world.  But there is a universal desire to do well & also have fun.  The impression I get is that winning is nice, but the camaraderie of participation is the most important – friendship is what counts.  These racing relationships last for a long time after the racing activity fades away.

In addition, there are the all important support industries…

  • go fast & replacement parts
  • graphics
  • photography
  • driver/racing education
  • logistics & transportion
  • promotion & advertising
  • racing news reporting
  • the grand variety of sponsors
  • …and other support categories…

My Facebook page is in my name, Dan Scanlon.  I have just recently started a Facebook Fan Page called Racing Ready.  My recent blogging activity since before Christmas has slowed down, as I have been working on my Facebook promotion.  At the beginning of December I had about 200 Friends; currently I’m over 1400 & growing. . .  Yes, there is a plan behind all this activity.

Mostly, Racing Ready & I am looking to befriend most anybody that is active in the above listed series & industries.  Thanks!


Autocrossing My Old 1982 Nissan Sentra

SASCA has a new contract for 2010 to use the Blossom Athletic Center parking lot.  That happy announcement took me down memory lane.  You see, that is the same location I was first introduced to autocrossing, also with SASCA.  This was way back in 1992 running my poor old daily driver  – a 1982 Nissan Sentra with over 105K miles.

My humble 1982 Nissan Sentra 4-door sedan

It was a sorry little car, but it never gave up.  I have some old 8mm video footage somewhere that my wife took.  It shows why there was not a mosquito problem at Blossom.  Whenever I made a sharp turn in my Sentra, a big plume of white smoke would come out the exhaust & then I’d reappear from that cloud!

Now I have a 1999 Mazda Miata I call Karlino.  It, too, is another 10 year old car, but much more appropriate for the motorsports venue.

Karlino, my Miata, posing alongside other autocrossing Miatas...

Racing Ready was glad to have started back then & glad to be BACK ON TRACK!  The next SASCA autocross will take place Sunday, January 1oth, 2010, already!


My Miata’s (Karlino’s) Next Upgrade Steps

There is not yet a need for me to work on increasing my 1999 Miata’s performance.  Not even a freer breathing, better air filter replacement element (but that will come…)!

A cleaner engine bay - a work in progress...

There’s more potential in my Miata than I can reach, even with participation in a few 2009 autocrosses,  I even took it out on the track at Harris Hill Road – twice!  Now is time to consider some serious improvement of “the nut behind the wheel”.  But, damn those tires that came with Karlino.  The sidewalls say Traction TA (by BF Goodrich), but they are anything but sticky.  Yesterday, driving around doing some post Christmas errands the back end almost felt like the roads were wet – but they weren’t.  No budget for tires, yet.

Slippery, no grip BFGoodrich TA Traction tires - we'll see!

The first simple modification I did this summer.  I  removed the driver’s side sun visor.  My windshield got bigger!

Miata visor removal - results in a bigger windshield for a tall driver: me!

Yesterday I was able to replace my cracked driver’s side fog light & make it operational.  Thanks to a part swap out, courtesy of Ryan.  Now I’ll be better able to see, but more importantly be seen!

Miata fog light replaced - much better to see & be seen!

On the horizon will be a fluids upgrade for Karlino – it is well deserved & past due…more details on that as it takes place.

Racing Ready is working on these little comfort & other upgrades when the opportunity presents itself.


FWD Scion tC vs. RWD Miata – Observations

I’m in the process of selling my daughter’s 2006 Scion tC…

So today I left Karlino garaged at home & drove the FWD (front wheel drive) Scion to work.  After work, I was able to show the car to the prospective customer, then drove it home.  I put almost 50 miles on that little roomy coupe & I didn’t like it.  I missed my RWD (rear wheel drive) 1999 Mazda Miata I call Karlino.

That Scion has a lot of motor (2.4L, 4 cylinder) for that weight of car.  With just over mild acceleration, I could feel the car lift & lose front end traction – not good!  Also, can you say torque steer?  Those poor front tires!  They have to put up with the combined, seeming oxymoronic tasks of both steering along with acceleration/braking.  Those lazy rear tires get it easy, just doing mild braking.

Later this evening, I went to the store in Karlino and it felt like I was in a snug & comfy glove.  Yes, the car is small & I’m a big guy, but it felt good!  I felt IN the car, a vital part of the machine.  In the Scion I felt like an additional part, sort of a necessary afterthought.

It was good to be away for that 24 hour span without driving Karlino.  I now appreciate my Miata SO much more!  Racing Ready wants to know what automobile design contrasts you both appreciate & abhor…feel free to add a comment.


Racing Ready On Facebook & More

Okay, it’s social networking time…on Facebook.

Facebook invitation banner!

Most of my home computer face time (no pun intended) this week has been generating Facebook friends.  Why?  For future blog growth, development & additional business options.

So, if you’re a Facebook participant become a friend of mine @ Dan Scanlon.

Racin' thumbs up!

Of course, I also encourage you to become a fan of Racing Ready!

Racing Ready logo

It’s all about working on the transition of this blog to the next level… Racing Ready is pushing forward to success in 2010!


P.S. – After all this was said & done, I found an Australian business on Facebook called Racing Ready – hmmm, ooops!  I wonder if we’ll butt heads.  At least I own the domain name – 🙂

Motorcycle Enthusiasts Get Up To Speed

The Harris Hill Road (H2R) facility has begun to attract a growing following in the 2-wheeled motorcycle enthusiast community.

Motorcycle enthusiasts racing up to Santa Rita curve at Harris Hill Road.

To that end they have started accepting motorcycle membership.  Here are the details from their website:

Member Benefits

H2R has a limited motorcycle membership set up to thrill the two-wheelers among us. Every Monday the track is exclusively reserved for members who ride.

Rather than sharing your time with cars, or having to wait for karts to get out of your way, you will have unfettered access to the asphalt. We don’t do mixed sessions and we don’t do heats, so feel free to come and go on the track as you please.

First Hand

If you’re interested in membership but would like to see the track first, you can stop by most days from 1 to 2pm during our session break. Please call ahead to set up an appointment.

Please visit their website for the hard facts.  Harris Hill Road is coordinating this & their motorcycle event days with Elite Track Days.  They have a great symbiotic, high speed relationship with H2R!

Elite Track Days logo

For a good idea of what happens at a motorcycle track day event, visit this Aprilia Forum page.

aprilia forum

Racing Ready appreciates 2-wheeling & the enthusiasts who practice this form of riding, as well as their bravery in that sport.  I learned to ride a motorcycle in my college days, but decided it wasn’t for me & haven’t mounted a bike since.  Am I missing something here?