Autocross On A Racing Road Track

This will be the best of both worlds for the amateur autocross racer!


Harris Hill Road logo

This coming Sunday will be the last SPOKES autocross event of 2009 & it will be special.  Instead of having it on a flat, predictable parking lot, this autocross will take place on a well-regarded road track – Harris Hill Road (H2R).  This is a 1.8 mile, 36′ wide, 11 turn track (both on & off camber), with 150′ of elevation changes.

H2R Course layout with the named corners labeled

This is not the first time SPOKES has done an autocross here. In May of 2008 (about 1 month before the inception of this blog), SPOKES put on an track/autocross event that was something new.  To get an idea of what an autocross is like on a road track, here’s a video taken from atop the roll bar of Robert’s Triumph Spitfire, from that event:

I have been autocrossing with Karlino a few times, & also been out on the H2R track, in road course configuration.  Being on this track in an autocross configuration should be another good, learning experience regarding the handling of my Miata.  I’m wondering if the track will be run in the “normal” clockwise rotation, or the more challenging counter-clockwise orientation…

H2R Course Layout - the red sections indicate No Passing!

We’ll see how many runs we’ll be allowed to take, hopefully at least 6, if not more.  The event is now capped at 85 competitors.  Fitting all those cars & etc. in the H2R paddock will be a challenge.  We will need to be mindful of the paddock marshals.

H2R Track & Paddock panorama

So, we’ll see how this event goes – all told it should be both fun & rewarding.  Racing Ready hopes to see you out there, if not as a participant, then as a spectator!


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