Racing Adrealine, More Christmas Gift Ideas

Here’s a another racing enthusiast Christmas gift suggestion…directly from my e-mail:

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December 2009

Adrenaline for Christmas?

Have you ever wanted to drive fast and  be safe on a closed circuit road course or know someone who does?  MotorSport Ranch is the first ever “Motor Sport Country Club”,, a place that fills the gap between simply driving on the street and full out racing.

We have everything ranging from an “Intro to Performance Driving” program for $95 to membership in the club – a Christmas promotion that includes the first three month’s dues with the one-time initiation fee of $3,700.

The “Intro to Performance Driving” program is a simple, fun, safe, and unintimidating way to experience driving on a road course in your own car.  Designed to be a smaller step than attending a driving school or a weekend driving event, this program gets a driver familiar with some basic driving techniques and allows for practice time on track in a fun and safe format….  like “dipping your toe in the water” to see what it’s like before jumping to the next level.  The next event is scheduled for Saturday, January 16th and could make an excellent holiday gift.  The cost is only $95, contact Ami Atkins at her e-mail or #817-512-3151 to make a reservation or to purchase a gift certificate for someone.  Other future dates for this program are available as well.

Other ways of exploring the fun of performance driving at MotorSport Ranch:

For cars: – driving school in your own cars – weekend track event and instruction

For motorcycles: – riding instruction and track days – riding instruction and track days

You simply don’t know what you don’t know about performance driving/riding until you have been shown, coached, and practice.

MotorSport Ranch track layout

These guys are fun & sincere – Racing Ready wants to participate!


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