Racing Line Preference – What’s Your Passion?


For you – is it in a circle, is it straight line, or a combination of going left, right & straight?

Fast Car - Fast Driver

The preference of the type of racing that you have is a personal choice you make.  As an autocrosser & a wannabe road racer, you can guess that my choice preference is that of the combination of lines.  That would be:

There are other series & other formats, but they’re just not my “racing line preference”.

I feel it’s a natural choice as it’s a faster, more competitive version of what many of us do everyday.  That is, we drive left, right & straight.  But many of us would prefer to drive close to or at the limits of our vehicle’s capabilities (that being of both power & traction).  Some of us do that in racing venues with our stock, daily drivers.  Others build dedicated, no longer street legal race vehicles, mostly based on the previous street version of it.

What can you do with your daily driver street racer, or dedicated specially built track racer? I’ve already mentioned autocross.  This form of motorsport is the least expensive to participate in, as regards both your budget & time.  Most anybody can do it, if they so please.  Autocross is a great way to experience your car at it’s handling limit extremes, all in a safe, controlled environment.

The social camaraderie of autocross is fun, too.  We all come from a variety of backgrounds, but we share a passion.  That is the passion of speed in a varied racing line.  Also, competing to beat your buddy’s autocross time is an ongoing, season long challenge.

Racing Ready continues to pursue the route of autocross motorsports.  My “steed”, Karlino, is not as competitive as I had originally hoped.  But for now I’ll still hold off on any sort of significant mechanical upgrades to the car.  There are still many personal driving upgrades I need to learn to best eke out what performance is already there & not yet fully utilized.  Once again, it’s that issue of still working on that “nut behind the wheel”.

Stay tuned,


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