Racing Under Green – You Gotta See This!

Racing Under Green - Documentary Title

This is a racing documentary you HAVE to see!

WOW – where was this for me 25+ years ago?!?.  This is some striking footage for an upcoming documentary next month (January 19, 2010 on planet green & January 24, 2010 on Discovery).  These are Volkswagen Jetta TDI Sedans, specially prepared & fully safety equipped.

Green Racing showtimes - REALLY!

This was only a trailer, but I let out some surprising exclamations while I watched this.  It’s also like slow torture for me, sitting here, watching these teens to 20 somethings having an AWESOME opportunity to learn racing.  They have a GREAT opportunity to succeed.  This was an opportunity that was not at all available to me in my youth.

Jeez!!!!  Do I sound frustrated!!!!

Can somebody just crank up the time machine so I can go back to a qualifying age (between 16 to 26)?  Oh, and does anybody have a spare $46,000?  I sure hope these kids really appreciate the chance they are being given – to start their racing career!  My racing heartstrings are being pulled SO much by this teaser video – DAMN!

Racing Ready would not have thought something being billed as “Green” would be SO exciting!  For more specific details, click 2009 Jetta TDI Cup.


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