My Miata’s (Karlino’s) Next Upgrade Steps

There is not yet a need for me to work on increasing my 1999 Miata’s performance.  Not even a freer breathing, better air filter replacement element (but that will come…)!

A cleaner engine bay - a work in progress...

There’s more potential in my Miata than I can reach, even with participation in a few 2009 autocrosses,  I even took it out on the track at Harris Hill Road – twice!  Now is time to consider some serious improvement of “the nut behind the wheel”.  But, damn those tires that came with Karlino.  The sidewalls say Traction TA (by BF Goodrich), but they are anything but sticky.  Yesterday, driving around doing some post Christmas errands the back end almost felt like the roads were wet – but they weren’t.  No budget for tires, yet.

Slippery, no grip BFGoodrich TA Traction tires - we'll see!

The first simple modification I did this summer.  I  removed the driver’s side sun visor.  My windshield got bigger!

Miata visor removal - results in a bigger windshield for a tall driver: me!

Yesterday I was able to replace my cracked driver’s side fog light & make it operational.  Thanks to a part swap out, courtesy of Ryan.  Now I’ll be better able to see, but more importantly be seen!

Miata fog light replaced - much better to see & be seen!

On the horizon will be a fluids upgrade for Karlino – it is well deserved & past due…more details on that as it takes place.

Racing Ready is working on these little comfort & other upgrades when the opportunity presents itself.


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