Racing Relationships, Inspired By Facebook

Since starting this blog over a 1.5 years ago, I have begun to feel a real part of the racing community.  This may sound strange, but the Facebook application has helped in this regard.  In the last 2.5 weeks I’ve been actively trolling & “friending” within Facebook.  I’m impressed by the number of amateurs & professionals that are active in motorsports & the supporting industries.

Facebook Racing Ready promotion image

This has inspired me to “up my game” on this blog.  I am beginning to forge new relationships (both professional & cooperative) to further forward our mutual goals.

On Facebook I’ve seen all sorts of racing series participation:

  • IndyCar
  • Formula 1
  • Formula Atlantic
  • Sprint & Modified Cars (on dirt tracks)
  • American Le Mans Series
  • NHRA & IHRA Drag Racing (dragsters, cars & motorcycles)
  • Motorcycle racing
  • SCCA & NASA Road Racing
  • Motorboat racing
  • …and of course, Autocross participation, among others…

There are many different racing formats (some I have probably forgotten).  These appeal to & are participated in by both men & women, both amateur & professional, & at all levels around the world.  But there is a universal desire to do well & also have fun.  The impression I get is that winning is nice, but the camaraderie of participation is the most important – friendship is what counts.  These racing relationships last for a long time after the racing activity fades away.

In addition, there are the all important support industries…

  • go fast & replacement parts
  • graphics
  • photography
  • driver/racing education
  • logistics & transportion
  • promotion & advertising
  • racing news reporting
  • the grand variety of sponsors
  • …and other support categories…

My Facebook page is in my name, Dan Scanlon.  I have just recently started a Facebook Fan Page called Racing Ready.  My recent blogging activity since before Christmas has slowed down, as I have been working on my Facebook promotion.  At the beginning of December I had about 200 Friends; currently I’m over 1400 & growing. . .  Yes, there is a plan behind all this activity.

Mostly, Racing Ready & I am looking to befriend most anybody that is active in the above listed series & industries.  Thanks!


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