Karting To Racing – Hill Country Kart Club

Many successful motorsports stars got their racing start learning to drive karts in their youth.  Here’s a partial list of some of those individuals you just might know:

In this part of South/Central Texas there are a variety of karting facilities.  I know of 2 of them & they cater to different people with different types of karts.  Alamo Karts, which I’ve already posted a number of articles here, is a business that provides single speed, fun to drive karts.  This can be a starting commitment to get into karting.  But this is only up to a certain level.  It has a limited top speed, depending on the kart, the track & the driver’s weight.  I did try it once & I decided it wasn’t my “cup of tea”, so to speak.

This past Fall, on a weekend in October, I was able to spend the greater part of an hour watching 2 former SASCA presidents (Richard & Matt), run practice laps at the Hill Country Kart Club (HCKC) track.

This kart track facility is located just south of New Braunfels, Texas.  This is a twisty, curvy quarter mile length track where young people (& adults, too), push their machines & their bodies to the limits.  HCKC is considered one of the top learning tracks in the country!

At this track they race the next & more serious step up which is to shifter karts (up to 6 [or 7] speeds).  These powerful little machines (.125cc single cylinder) have a greater power to weight cylinder volume ratio than Formula 1 racing machines – 336HP/liter versus 333HP/liter for F1.

Here’s a well-written article about using karting as a starting point to launch into racing:  How to Become a Race Car Driver – Karting First

Some will say it is even better to continue up the karting progress path to the Superkarts.  In the United States there are 2 classes:

  • 250 cc Formula/E or F/E – Twin cylinder, 6-speed, liquid cooled Grand Prix motorcycle engines such as the Honda RS250, Yamaha TZ250 or made for karting engines such as the BRC250.
  • 250 cc Inter-Continental E or IC/E – Single cylinder, 5 or 6-speed, liquid cooled Grand Prix motorcycle engines.

Wow! This is insane!  In some cases, these superkarts are actually faster on a course than full size race cars!

Racing Ready realizes that karting isn’t for everybody, & I don’t think it’s for me.  But it is a very well-regarded & sanctioned form of racing that can get you to advance to the professional level of motorsports.


P.S. – Here’s another good list of famous drivers that started in karts…

Be inspired!

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6 thoughts on “Karting To Racing – Hill Country Kart Club”

  1. Dan, nice article. The NB track looks pretty interesting!

    One little correction: HP/L is a measure of power to displacement, not power to weight, and a 125 engine isn’t making anywhere near 42 hp as your 336 hp/L implies.

  2. Thanks for the write up Dan!

    @ Chris. You are right about the power to weight correction. You might want to do some checking about your hp assumption.

  3. Thanks guys – I’ll correct that from weight to volume.

    I double-checked my notes – Richard did indeed tell me that his 125cc engine IS putting out 42HP!

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