“FrozenCross” This Sunday!

SASCA will have it’s inaugural 2010 event this coming Sunday, January 10, 2010, at our new autocross venue: the Blossom Athletic Center parking lot(s).  Here’s a Google Street View shot – not at all a good quality shot, but it gives you an idea, at least…
(As always, click to enlarge)

At this week’s SASCA monthly meeting, VP Jay came up with a couple of nice sketches on possible course layouts.  I present them here as only suggestions on what may come to pass for a course this Sunday.  The lot does have a few topographic features we will need to work around, as does any parking venue.  I apologize for the low-res image, but again, you’ll have an idea…

Here’s hoping to see you out there in competition, or even spectator, mode.  Feel free to bring the warmth of your enthusiasm & the hot chocolateRacing Ready will be setting up there early, helping Jay & others, to put together the course – BRRRR.
We’ll see you out there!


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