Challenging Wet Autocross, Challenging Track

The last 2009 SPOKES autocross was at a much nicer venue than a common parking lot.

On December 6, 2009 we were at Harris Hill Road to finalize our autocross season.  It was wet, it was cold, but it was fun to learn the experience of driving competitively in the wet.

I’ve been able to collect a nice group of videos from different club members, driving different cars, in no particular order.  Enjoy & learn.

This is Steve P in his Mazdaspeed3 (to view will require you to login to Facebook):

Robert MacKenzie contributed a nice, out of car, compilation of this wet event:

This is Chris (aka RavynX) in his 2006 Honda S2000:

I hope you were able to learn something.  I know I did.  Besides a bit (we had only 4 runs) about  wet driving experience at speed, I learned I need to get a digital video camera!

Racing Ready – still in education mode when it comes to competitive driving, wet or dry.


P.S. – I received a couple of other videos but could not post them.  They were not on YouTube or Facebook, & were larger than WordPress’ 2MB limit.  I tried to find a converter to get them reduced in file size, but was not successful…

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