SASCA 2010 AutoX #1 – A Great Start!

Today was the first autocross for the SASCA club autocross season.  I called it the “FrozenCross“.  It was the first after many years back at the Blossom Athletic Center.  It was a good first event!

The day had a frigid start with setting up the course cones in the cold morning twilight.  Before the drivers meeting the temperature got up to freezing (see marquee sign at top), & later it almost got to reach 50!  Below is what can happen to a frozen cone very early during course setup – it shattered into pieces.

The newly sealed Blossom Athletic Center parking lot surface gave all competitors an equal challenge on a number of the different corners.  Due to uneven surface issues, many of the turns were off chamber – multiple people’s car’s reacted as if they were drifting, not autocrossing.  I lost control of Karlino in 2 different places on the first 2 runs, but steadily improved.  Also nice was the fact that we each got 7 runs; 4 in the morning heat & 3 in the afternoon, with lunch in between.

Although the course was a challenge, most everyone was happy with the plotted layout.  VP Jay did a great job!  I hope I can do as well, as well.  I will be the Eventmaster for the February SASCA autocross.

Also, to mark the beginning of a new autocross season, SASCA members whose cars passed inspection received their annual inspection sticker.  This is a traffic cone symbol with the year “10” in it.  I placed on Karlino‘s driver’s side window, next to last year’s “9”.

Racing Ready knows this will be a good autocross season…  We had a great start!


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