David Loves AutoX, Seriously

Here’s a profile of a new autocrosser who started in October of the 2009 autocross season – these pictures were taken at the SPOKES 2009 AutoX #10.

David has become a very active autocross participant.  His car is a 1985 Toyota Corolla GT-S.  It was completely stock – the only thing done to it was a complete fluid service.  The car in general & the interior, as well, do not look like they are part of a 25(!) year old vehicle.

But he has plans….  He is SO enthused about this sport, he made up matching T-shirts for his girlfriend & himself.  Check it out:

He also has 2 other Toyota Corollas as parts cars.  David is getting serious about this.  I’m sure he’ll get serious about his graphics display.

Below David is doing the verification chalk marks on the tire sidewalls .  This is to make sure he’s got the right amount of tire stiffness due to inflation pressure.  Here’s Steven Johnson consulting David on what is happening with possible tire sidewall wear…

David had a very good time & looks forward to learning, growing, & improving in the sport.

Racing Ready enjoys experiencing the spirit of enthusiasts new to the sport.  I still remember my elevated heartbeat & the shaking hands of my adrenalin of taking my daily driver to the limits during my first season of autocross, about 18 years ago… !


P.S. – At this past SASCA 2010AutoX #1, David placed 1st in the Novice class.  Now he’ll have to move it up to regular class competition.  Also, he ran a set of R compound tires  & his 25 year old clutch couldn’t take the additional traction – it started slipping by the end of the event.  That’s what happens when you don’t read the rules:  Novices aren’t supposed to run R compound tires in their class.  Don’t feel too bad – I just learned that myself.

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