Spousal Racing Involvement (or Permission)

Many of us are married, or at least in a seriously committed relationship.  Some of us have understanding & even participating partners that understand & enjoy our racing passion.  But others, not.  Unfortunately, I fall into the latter category.  I’m currently overextended on my “kitchen pass” requests!

I live with fear everyday…..On the weekends she lets me race

But we keep going.  And some, well they go beyond…


My woman (wife) threatened to leave me if I attended another race.
My God!  I’m going to miss her…

I don’t suggest this course of action, but I’m just saying…

And then again, you have your couples where they either both race, or more likely, one races & the other handles timing & scoring (or some other meaningful race duty related task).  Tonight will be the SASCA Year-end party.  Attending will be many spouses who I never see at the autocross events (mine included) .  It will be interesting to hear the variety of conversation and if any of them relate to racing & their partner.

Racing Ready wonders…


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