Chrono-X Progress & Vendor Co-Promotion

This past Saturday was an interesting day.  I made a road trip up to Harris Hill Road (H2R), not for an event, but for some future co-promotion business discussion.

There is usually available a back country shortcut to Harris Hill Road, from the I-35 exit #205.  But not yesterday.  The huge quantities of rain from the past couple of days cut off the low water crossing bypass.  Therefore, I had to take the Rt. 21 road to H2R.  In doing so I passed the nearby entrance of the San Marcos Municipal Airport.  I noticed some tower construction updates in the distance, that I’ll mention here later in the week.

I met with Steven Johnson, who, besides doing many different duties at H2R, has been assigned the task of coordinating their website updates & promoting Chrono-X (so far, on Facebook, for now).  He’s already put a lot of work into this.  To read more about Chrono-X details, please check out the classing, registration & rules at the links below.

Steven is continuing to fine tune & get more details set up for Chrono-X.  The Chrono-X website is…coming soon!  He’s very enthused about it.

The real big deal is the kick off to this whole series of time trial events – the Dyno Day/Test & Tune for the 2010 series, coming up this February 20th.  There will be an HPDE in the morning & early afternoon in the various run groups.  They will traverse the track in both in clockwise & counter-clockwise directions, for a total of FIVE 20-minute sessions.  You’ll be able to dyno your car.  If you want to only spectate, but still do a “dyno pull”, I’m told they’ll charge only $50 (you’ll need to sign up to reserve your slot, contact Chrono-X at:!.  For entertainment, San Antonio Drift will be doing a drift exhibition during the mid day lunch break.  There will be race-enthusiast vendors there, too. And, even some “eye candy”!

The registrations have just started to come in.  Steven tells me the chatter on various forums is picking up this Chrono-X event & giving it some great mileage.  Suffice it to say, Racing Ready will be there, and not just in blogger mode.  A presence of something needed by all vehicle owners will be represented.

Racing Ready continues to push forward the racing activity & participation in the motorsport community.


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3 thoughts on “Chrono-X Progress & Vendor Co-Promotion”

  1. Your right Dan, the Dyno Day is gonna be exciting! Lots of driving time, drifting action, dyno pulls, and more! This is where the rivalries will first meet, lets just hope they remain friends throughout the season : )

    Maybe Karlino will see the track in the dry! I will say, I was very impressed with your car control skills in the wet! You the man Dan!

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