Harris Hill Road First Time Ontrack Instruction

Continuing this past Saturday’s activities at Harris Hill Road (H2R), w/Steven Johnson

After spending some business/co-promotion time at the H2R office, it was track time!  This was to be my third time out on the H2R track with Karlino.  My first time out on track at Harris Hill Road was for my birthday, almost a year ago, in my Big White Whale (2000 Nissan Maxima SE).

What made this track time special & a real learning experience was that I was going to get some instruction.  I asked Steven Johnson to accompany me & instruct me in the following:

  • The correct line racing line
  • How to set up for the each turn’s apex
  • Where & how hard to brake
  • Other track position pointers

Suffice it to say, the way the track should be run, at least for a small RWD drive car like a Miata, in some cases seemed counter-intuitive.  But, after going a round a few times (I think at least 6 laps at speed), the lines Steven showed me started to make sense.  It was cool & something that warrants further study.  Click to enlarge & scan…

See the Harris Hill Road track map below (from one of their classrooms):

  • The purple line is the racing line
  • The orange marks are corner pointers and/or apex points
  • The blue X’s are braking points (more X’s – harder braking)
  • The brown circles are where most people who go off the track, end up.

Driving Karlino, top down in sunny 50 degree weather at speed was fun, if but a bit disconcerting.  Even though I upped the tire pressure to 33PSI, I was still running on older, BFGoodrich TA Traction (NOT!) tires with about to 25 to 30K miles on them (high treadware 620!) & street brake pads of unknown vintage.  Therefore, I didn’t push it extremely hard.

You see, although the track surface was dry, there were at least 6 locations where there was some water run off going across the track.  It made for some interesting race line variations, with occasional back & forth steering wheel counter-lock corrections to compensate for all-of-a-sudden traction loss.  The good news is – I kept it on the track!

Steven was a very patient & helpful instructor.  It was a little difficult to hear him with the top down, at speed, engine whining, tires grabbing for grip & both of us having full face helmets.  But I can wholeheartedly give him a 2 big thumbs up as an instructor!  Thanks Steven!!!

Racing Ready caught a little piece of what you have to do to push a machine to race…


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