Real Racing Ready Cars From The Showroom

A number of manufacturers are coming out with very best convertible car seats that are very race track capable.  One is the Hyundai Genesis Coupe – 2.0T Track Edition!

I know local autocrosser, Sherman, has a black one that he entered into competition for the first time at the “FrozenCross“ put on by SASCA earlier this month.

Here’s another great dealership-available car, and a diesel at that, to consider – the 2010 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup Street Edition.  A few years ago this idea would have been laughable.  Not anymore, where you have the 24 of Le Mans winning by a diesel-fueled race car as well…2 years in a row!

It’s no secret what a racing Jetta TDI can do in a race, but what about a Jetta TDI that you would find at your local dealer?  We’re sure you’d agree that there’s really only one way to find out:  SETTLE…

Here are 2 racing ready diesels: VW Jetta TDI – Stock Car vs. TDI Cup Race Car !

I wrote of this Jetta TDI Cup series last month.  It sure looks awesome (and honestly, it makes me envious).  Anybody have one of these Jetta TDIs & want to take it out to Harris Hill Road (H2R) for a spin?  Better yet, register & bring yours to the hot, new Chrono-X time trial series!  As a matter of fact, I haven’t seen (or heard, or smelled) a diesel at any of our autocross events recently.  Any takers?

Racing Ready wants to play with racing ready cars available at your local showroom!


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3 thoughts on “Real Racing Ready Cars From The Showroom”

  1. Don’t forget about the new Corvette GS. Hand built dry sumped engine with oil cooler from the factory with the 6mt coupe!

  2. It’s kind of a sad state with cars these days. Mazda still has 2 or 3 ‘racing ready’ cars, there’s Subaru and Mitsubishi if you want to play in the dirt (and as far as Subaru’s new styling direction, the quicker the car is covered in dirt the better). VW is in fine form, along with the TDI, the GTI/GLI is great too. The new 300hp V6 ponycars might also qualify. Everything else I can think of is too complex, expensive, fragile, or has poor power-to-weight ratio. Most of the cars I’d want, though, are available through online classifieds instead of the dealer’s lot. The biggest “BOO” goes to Toyota, who have nothing to back up the MR2’s and Supras of yesteryear.

  3. Sounds like a challenge to me. I have an 01 VW Golf TDI that might make it out one of these weekends. Just need to finish some routine maintainence before I push it to it’s limits. Ever thought of making a guide to beginning AutoX in South Texas?

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