NY (Non-Racing) Driving Experiences

This past week I was in the environs of New York City (NYC) & Upstate New York.  Computer access was sparse to non-existent.  Besides, it was good to slide off the grid for awhile.  Needless to say, NYC transit was mostly by subway, with a little bus & gypsy taxi thrown in for spice.  Also, my “dogs” were yelping from SO much walking…  I’ll admit that I’m happy to be home where I can once again drive just about anywhere!

The NYC Subway Experience

The only real “driving activity” this past week was a 10.5 hour meandering trip from Brooklyn to my parent’s rural town west of Syracuse.  This route was done through the rustic, but pleasantly rolling mountains of the Catskills.  10.5 hours, you say?!?  Well, my brother is the antithesis of my driving style.  I drive to get there, he drives to enjoy the journey & that is we did.  I pride myself as a pretty good navigator.  But with the AAA map we had, plus the distractions of the nice roadside vistas, well, we got lost a few times.  The lost time equivalent may have totaled about 1/2 hour+ of the trip.  My brother’s goal was to avoid the beaten path of 4+ lane highways & he was pretty much successful after escaping the boroughs of NYC.

New York City Highways Map

I did note a number of times that these meandering mountain trails called county roads would have made for some nice, long fun runs of enthusiasts driving.  But not so in the conditions we plodded through.  Most of the way was clear, but there was some slush (dirty, not quite melted snow) to contend with & the grit of muddy cinders & sand that had been put down previously to aid in frozen traction.  Our weather conditions were mostly sunny & just below freezing – just fine for this not-in-a-hurry trip.

Snowy Catskill Mountains Road

Many may think that I write to encourage driving enthusiastically most of the time.  In this case, this state-traversing trip actually felt like it went by quickly & pleasantly.  The key here was conversation of the brotherly sort.  We had not seen each other for a few years & the trip served as a great backdrop to our conversation.  Also, my brother having an available AWD Subaru was reassuring…

My brother's available-AWD Subaru...good for a cross mountain treck!

I got my fill of scenic route driving, for a while, but Racing Ready recognizes other therapeutic reasons for sharing the road.


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