1st Ever H2R Gymkhana

Over the past 1.5 years, when I’ve researched autocross outside the US, the term Gymkhana has continued to appear in my searches.  Here in the US many have been awestruck by the artistic driving antics of Ken Block.  Well, here in South/Central Texas we’ll finally have a chance to experience & compete in a Gymkhana in person!

Gymkhana T-Shirt

Harris Hill Road is inaugurating their 1st Ever H2R Gymkhana.  Here are all the details, provided by Eric Beverding, of H2R:

Gymkhana is a gymnastic test of your driving skills and your car’s  abilities. It’s not so much about speed–imagine stunt driver (you) meets daily driver (your car) in a series of challenging events requiring quick thinking, lots of sudden, simultaneous control inputs and a cool-headed command of situational awareness.  From a standing start to test your best launch through a carve versus slide 180, down to an either or, inside or outside line snap decision, through a 360 degree pivot, then an optional slalom followed by a high-speed lane change and a blind, random asteroid field of mini-cones. Don’t hit those, but a must-topple, late apex murder cone follows, and a downhill, limited adhesion garage parking maneuver requires a full stop, then select reverse and back uphill 100 yards through a coned gate, stop, relaunch, around a gate, miss the garage and take your checkered flag.

Sound easy? Think again. Fun and challenging is the name of the game and by the last run of the day, you and your car will have a closer personal relationship.  Guaranteed.

Cost is $40 for members and $50 for non-members.
All registration is going through Club Registration.net

Eric Beverding
2840 Harris Hill Rd.
San Marcos, TX 78666
512.692.7190 (Austin)
210.807.4570 (San Antonio)

Register here:  http://www.clubregistration.net
Login/sign up and select”

  • Organization->Race Track
  • Club->Harris Hill Road
  • Event Type->All

To give you a taste of what maneuvers are used in a Gymkhana event, here’s a video from the UK I’ve posted before.  Talked about ballet on wheels…

Racing Ready will be there to witness this event.  I’ll admit I’m too chicken to compete – maybe at the next one…


P.S. – “Reverse and back uphill 100 yards?!?!?!”  Wow, that’ll be a sight!

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2 thoughts on “1st Ever H2R Gymkhana”

  1. Interesting. I’ve seen the Ken Block videos and thought that’s what Gymkhana was but that UK video makes it look much much more technical. Not to say Ken Block’s wasn’t but that looked like an insanely tight course. I’ll go out to watch & video but I’m definitely not competing. I like my transmission and differential not blown into little pieces. ;D

  2. Wow, that guy has some mad skillz! I was impressed how seamlessly he made his car go from forward to reverse and pivot around cones.

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