Stanford’s Robotic Audi – Pikes Peak w/NO Driver

The antithesis to driving/racing – technology is cool, but no one’s there behind the wheel & pedals.  There’s no personal challenge!  But for full disclosure, here’s what Stanford University is challenging themselves to do – driverless!

eShelly was named after the Michele Mouton, the first woman to win the race up Pikes Peak.

Stanford’s Robotic Audi
To Brave Pikes Peak Without A Driver

The Center for Automotive Research at Stanford has developed a new contender for the Pikes Peak course: A robotic car that drives itself.
(By Christine Blackman, a science-writing intern at the Stanford News Service)

We’ll have to wait till September 2010 to see how this all works out…

Racing Ready is both skeptical & curious – what do YOU think!


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