EVO RoadRally Thru Snowy NY Southern Tier

Here’s a contrast – see how our amateur SCCA racing buddies in New York State play…

Finger Lakes SCCA frozen (traffic) snow cones!

This is an officially sponsored event being put on by the Finger Lakes Region SCCA.  It’s a RoadRally & here’s their introductory explanation of what this type of event is all about:

SCCA RoadRally & RallyCross

The Rally program runs year round and encompasses both Time-Speed-Distance events (RoadRally) and course-type rally events (RallyCross). Our TSD rallies include local events and series, Divisional events as well as National events. RallyCross combines the competition of SCCA Solo with the thrill and skill of competing off road.

RallyCross courses often include dirt, gravel and pavement and are prescribed by cones, like autocross. One car navigates the course at a time, with the lowest elapsed time from the start of the course to the finish winning.


All EVO Road Rally image from Finger Lakes SCCA

Here’s the description of their upcoming RoadRally to explain it all:

A rally of approximately 180 “interesting” miles using paved and unpaved roads in the New York Southern Tier. In keeping with the winter rally series format, this is an evening TSD rally run at speeds within the local speed limits.

Snow tires are recommended (all season tires may limit your speed group eligibility), tow rope/strap, and 90 minutes of flares or one DOT triangle are required to compete.

The Rally starts at Charlie Riedel’s Restaurant in Canandaigua, NY
on Routes 5 & 20 (Eastern Blvd). Finish location still TBD.

$35/car for SCCA members, $45/car for guests Equipped, Limited, Stock, and Novice classes.

Schedule: Registration 3:00 to 4:00 PM
Novice school 3:30 PM
Driver’s Meeting 4:10 PM
First car starts 4:31 PM

Flyer available:

RoadRally Subaru, carving through a frozen, unpaved corner at speed!

RoadRally Subaru, working a frozen, unpaved  course section at speed!

Ten days ago I was just about 70 miles east of the region where this RoadRally is planned to take place.  At the time, the roads were fully plowed (for those of you not “snow-experienced”, that means relatively dry & free snow/ice, with a variety of slush along the sides).  But Mother Nature is fickle & additional snow could come their way to make the trek that much more interesting.  Also of note, some of the roads are unpaved…

One other thing I’m curious about; why are they starting out SO late?  They’re only going to have about 1+ hour of light before the sun goes down.  Makes you want to consider mounting rally lights on a roof rack!

Racing Ready hopes to find  some posted feedback on this event to see how it all went.


These color photos are courtesy of http://www.flickr.com/people/rutch/ – Nice work!
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