Gymkhana at H2R – Maneuverability w/Speed

H2R Gymkhana Panorama with Clubhouse

The Harris Hill Road Gymkhana event this past weekend was fun, but it wasn’t in the true tradition of a tight, small, precision gymkhana course like this vintage Mini Cooper video.

I had hoped for lower/slower speeds & a much tighter course.   I guess it’s true what they say…everything’s bigger in Texas!  One of the participants stated, accurately, that it might be best to call this an H2Rkhana, for their unique combination of maneuverability with speed & fun!

H2R Gymkhana Panorama with Santa Rita turn in the background

My Miata buddy Craig, the 2009 Most Interesting Man of SASCA, lent his own special flavor of panache.  I was able to do a ride-along with him on his first run.  I hadn’t laughed like that is a while – it was good fun!  Here is one of his later runs from this event.

Also, as icing on the cake, Craig was encouraged to do one of his trademark burnouts (having a Line Lock on your car helps)!  And wouldn’t you know it, Bo Rivers (H2R Owner) welcomed this type of behavior. It was an event to see what additional challenges your car could experience beyond those of autocrossing, like e-brake turns, full on the rev-limiter IN REVERSE, purposefully hitting a cone, using cross track water drainage to your advantage (or peril) & so on…

Craig's Trademark Miata Burnout

Here’s the leader board, Top Gear style, after the event…  Of the 18 entries, you’ll see that 1/2 were Mazda Miatas, 1990 to 2009.

The Harris Hill Road Gymkhana Event Leaderboard

Racing Ready is looking forward to see how the versatile crew at Harris Hill Road will push the gymkhana envelope next time. Dan

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