Busy Amateur Racing Opportunities Weekend

Tomorrow (Saturday, 20/FEB/2010) will be the beginning session for the Chrono-X Time Trial Series at Harris Hill Road.  I had planned to set up an AMSOIL vendor booth at the event, but that opportunity fell through – there will be NO vendors at all!  Damn…  Therefore, I’ll be there in blogger mode…

Sunday (21/FEB/2010) will be the SASCA 2010 Autocross #2, at the Blossom Athletic Center (just north of the San Antonio Airport).

Blossom Athletic Center - Google Street View

This should be a fun & interesting event for a number of reasons:

  • The weather will be at least 25 degrees warmer than our last autocross event – FrozenCross
  • There is a chance for some thunderstorms the evening prior to the event – should make for some interesting runs in the morning session, as the lot dries off…
  • I’ll be Eventmaster of this autocross.  This entails my designing the course (with excellent help & feedback from Ricky [SASCA President] & Jay [SASCA Co-Veep]) & being responsible for getting it set up, in a timely fashion.  I’ll give no hints as to the course layout, except to say it will run clockwise (mostly…)
  • As of this writing, there are currently 142 entries!  Holy smokes – that’s a LOT of entries.  This’ll make for busy day!

We’ll see what all happens when I get settled down into next week.
Till then, here’s Racing Ready saying, “See you out there!”


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