Lack of Running Woes Of My Karlino Miata

My lack of recent posting has been due to chasing down a P0402 engine error code in my 1999 Mazda Miata (I’ve named Karlino).  After I drove home this past Monday night, it would not start.  The motor turned over fine, but it was like there was no gas or spark arriving.

Sad Karlino Miata

Thus far I’ve made use of an OBD-II scanner to reveal the possible issues.  What was revealed were these 2 codes:

  • P0402 – EGR Flow Excessive
  • P1345 – Manufacturer Control Ignition System or Misfire

Doing research on, I decided to start with the intake manifold clean out procedure.  I removed the top of the intake manifold to clean out the gunk from a critical passageway.

Miata inside intake manifold top

Apparently that is something that one ought to do every 50 – 60K miles on Miatas.  I also learned that working on a car at or below 40 degrees makes for difficult removal of hoses & wires.  I used 1/2 a can of throttle body cleaner & about 15 Q-tips.  It got more open & cleaner, but I still could not see into the hole – there’s a bend in there somewhere.  I should have bought some pipe cleaners, oh well…

Once I got it buttoned back up, did it start up?  Hell, no!  I’ve since ordered NGK blue spark plug wires & NGK spark plugs – I’ll get those tomorrow.

NGK Spark Plug Wire set

I’ll see if that helps.  Then, to test the fuses with a multimeter.  I just picked this up from Harbor Freight Tools (my favorite “toy” store) for less than $3.00.

CEN-TECH 7 Function Digital Multimeter

Let’s see if I make headway.  What with all the cranking on the battery, I doubt it’s going to hold a charge for much longer.  Can’t afford a new battery, yet…jeesh!

Well, like a friend (a Most Interesting Man) recently told me, I’m saving money & appreciating the journey of working on Karlino.  But my wife finds cooperative car pooling a pain… Racing Ready just wants some relief, so we can continue blogging…


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5 thoughts on “Lack of Running Woes Of My Karlino Miata”

  1. Dan, I had to do that clean out procedure on my Miata a couple of times. It’s a pain, but it shouldn’t cause the car to not start. It just throws really nasty codes.

    That said, it wouldn’t surprise me if the spark plugs aren’t fouled by it, and for whatever reason, the Miata seems to chew through plugs and wires every 40k miles.

    Let me know if I can help! The Miata shop manual should have some good troubleshooting guides for this in it.

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