I Give Up! Karlino Miata Towed To Dealer Shop

To the relief of some (“It’s time to take it to a shop..”) & the consternation of others (“I would like to see you dig in and learn.”), I had Karlino (my 1999 Mazda Miata) towed late this afternoon to a nearby Mazda dealer (North Park Mazda) for professional service.

Towing "moment of truth"…for Karlino!” src=”http://racingready.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/0308001734ael-350×173.jpg” alt=”The is the towing "moment of truth"…for Karlino!” width=”350″ height=”173″ />

After 2 weeks of trying my “best”, I really know that I don’t have the gift, or more accurately, the patience to be a troubleshooting car mechanic.  I did get my hands dirty & learned a lot of what goes on underhood of a NB Miata, but my zenith culminates at the level of basic driveway mechanic.  Even with the well-regarded official shop manual, I was still out of focus – so many directions to go.

I really appreciate all the good advice & guidance I received online , especially some effective phone consultation, guiding me to verify the proper timing belt/gear teeth coordination (you know who you are!).

Karlino Miata, all strapped in, not wanting to leave the homestead.

So, yes, I’m placing myself at the mercy of a car dealer shop.  I had some other private shop options, but there were many unknowns & the logistics of the tow from my house to those other locations was less convenient.  Besides, this is the dealership where my car had been serviced for many years prior by the previous owner.  I plan to sleep soundly & see what Sergio, the dealer service advisor tells me tomorrow, after their diagnostics.

Blurry shot of Karlino being towed into the North Park Mazda dealer lot.

I must say I had a very understanding & concerned tow truck driver.  What with the angle of Karlino lifted up by the rear, there was concern for “scrappage” of the front spoiler.  We decided that he follow me (I drove my wife’s car) to the dealer on the city streets, instead of the highway access roads.  We averaged 20 to 25 MPH with emergency flashers blinking  all the way.

Karlino Miata, pondering tomorrow's entry in to North Park Mazda service bay.

I feel kind of strange with Karlino not being here, but I trust things will go well!

A sullen Karlino Miata, waiting overnight for tomorrow's foray into the North Park Mazda service bay.

Racing Ready regrets not being able to learn enough to do it all, but it’s time to move on, & eventually “pay the piper!”


North Park Mazda - San Antonio, TX

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  1. That’s SO good to hear. I like the response I got from the service advisor today. Should be fixed by the end of the week…$$$ 🙁 The resulting progress will be updated here!

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