North Texas Autocross School Opportunity

Here’s a great autocross driving skills learning opportunity if you’re anywhere near the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area.  I’m always on the lookout for chances to improve the nut behind the wheel!  This sounds like it would be well worth the drive…

Texas Region SCCA Autocross School

Thinking about taking the 2010 Solo school? Time is running out! Registration closes Friday, March 19th.

Tim Bergin does an awesome job managing this school for Texas Region Solo! We’ve made a real push this year to keep the classroom time down to 2 hours so everyone can get on the courses sooner. Autocross is an applied science. The more seat time, the better!! We typically have 3 courses setup so there’s not much wait time in between your runs too. Students & instructors are grouped by types of cars they run so information better applies to your type of car. We’re also going to try to rotate thru the instructors a bit so students can get another perspective of an additional instructor.

The ratio of students will should be 2-3 students per instructor.

Loaner helmets will be available if needed.

Not a guarantee, but Mark Wortham in the Super Stock Red C5 Corvette Trophied at Nationals & he took the ’09 autocross school last year…..I’m just saying!!

(I love throwing that out there, Mark!! )

Your registration fee also covers your entry to the regular autocross on Sunday.

For more info, see the FAQ posted on our web page:

Don’t wait too long to enter!!

Short Classroom time - Lots of Track time!

This is a GREAT deal & it also includes the autocross on the following day!

Racing Ready wishes this information was known earlier, but take advantage of it if you can, anyway!  It would be great to hear feedback from students of this course…


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