Stubborn Transmission Fill Plug Bolt Conquered

Last weekend I was stymied by a 4-sided transmission fill bolt, that would just not budge on my 1999 Mazda Miata, Karlino.  This was part of my project to change out the driveline fluids of my car to AMSOIL product.

Miata transmission fill plug nut - line drawing vs. reality

I thought maybe it was because my lack of proper tools or not sufficient leverage.  Being on the cold concrete garage floor with the car’s floorpan a mere 16″ above me was not the most reassuring environment to work in.  In comparison, changing out the rear differential gear lube fluid & the motor oil & filter with AMSOIL products was easy.

Karlino patiently waiting in the quick lube bay...

Today I went to a privately owned quick lube place that also sells AMSOIL lubricants.  They were willing to charge me 1/2 hour of labor (& no tax) to replace the transmission oil with my provided Snythetic AMSOIL 75W-90 Gear Lube.  This was the same oil I put into my limited slip rear differential.

O'Brien's Rocket Lube, also a Proud AMSOIL Dealer!

After 5 minutes under the car, they came out saying the bolt (probably a 14mm) would not budge, at all.  They even tried with a “cheater” pipe extension on the end of the wrench, to increase their leverage.  They were still not successful.  Although I was disappointed, I did feel vindicated & felt better about my not being able to loosen it.

Under Karlino - Where's that tranmission fill nut?

So, I made an appointment with the same dealer, North Park Mazda, where I got the fuel pump replaced.  They were able to squeeze me in.  I brought things to do & read, & even did a Mazda 6 test drive.  End result, they got the plug nut off (3 techs had to confer & they decided to use a “super size” wrench), & replaced my transmission fluid.  It actually was less expensive than what the quick lube place was going to charge.
I was pleasantly surprised!  🙂

Karlino Miata, up in the air at the North Park Mazda service bay

So now my Karlino goes snick-snick when changing gears – feels good!  And all the driveline components are fully covered by the AMSOIL family of extended drain synthetic lubricants.  Next item?  TIRES…

I’d be curious… Racing Ready wants to know.  What oil/lube change challenges have you had, dear reader, that you’d be willing to share?  Thanks!


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