Guest Blogger To Cover TX SCCA National Tour

This coming weekend a SCCA Solo National Tour event will take place in Mineral Wells, Texas.  It is this coming March 27-28, 2010.  Specific detailed schedule is here.

Texas 2010 SCCA National Tour - Mineral Wells, TX

Fellow SASCA club member and participant, Eric, has generously offered to be a hands on guest blogger at the scene!  He’s an enthusiastic driver of a 2001 Corvette Z06 called Sunshine (yellow).  He will be co-driving in Jay’s car (the black one below)…

Jay's & Eric's Corvettes - circa July 2009

Here’s the setup discussion that has transpired, so far…

Eric, March 19 at 1:46pm

Hey Dan, how are you?  Want a guest blogger for the national tour since you said you weren’t going?  My last few fiction pieces got rejected so maybe I can do better with non-fiction.  LOL
Dan, March 19 at 6:23pm

That would be great – I’d be honored to get some quality content, straight from the scene!  Let me know what details we’ll need to coordinate.
Eric, March 19 at 11:43pm

Do you want me to do a day by day update?  I could just e-mail you some pics and blog each night after the competition is over.  Of course, now that I’m doing this I’ll probably end up finishing in last place  😛

Oh well, I’m going regardless  😀
Dan, March 20 at 2:24pm

Day by day would be best if you can, thanks!  I’m sure you’ll do fine – I look forward to your editorial contribution!  Thank you
Dan, March 20 at 2:38pm

BTW, I just announced you’re being next weekend’s Racing Ready guest blogger at the SASCA FB page – your secret’s out!  😉
Eric, March 20 at 8:17pm

LOL.  I guess everyone would’ve found out sooner or later!  I’ll have to warn Jay that I’m gonna be taking more pics than normal…
Dan, March 20 at 8:33pm

Well, besides the SASCA page on FB, I also already put it out on the Spokes FB page.  I think tomorrow I’ll dust off my forum list & advance post it out to some others out there as well. Hmmm, sounds like a new blog post to start in advance, as well.

What would you like for me to post out there about you, your Corvette, your autocross & writing experience, if any?  In other words, I think it would be good for you to write your own “pre-quel”, a moderate paragraph, if you will.  Should be the beginning to a fun series of entries…

You WILL be well publicized – no pressure!  😉
Jay, March 20 at 11:10pm

That’s great and I’ll give him some help, as well.
Eric, March 21 at 12:01am

Hehehe, don’t worry, if pressure really bothered me I wouldn’t be running an SCCA National Event.  😀  I bowl for money too, and often times it comes down to the last shot.  😉  And I think I can manage to bang a paragraph out about myself, I’ll email it to you when I’m done.  Heck, I might even do it tonight!
Eric, March 21 at 12:11am

(Responding to Jay) I’m counting on it!
Dan, March 21 at 12:45pm

Hey Eric,  Are both you & Jay sharing a Corvette together, or are you both going up in your respective rides?  If sharing, will it be Jay’s black one or your yellow one.  I’d like to know so I can post an introductory teaser about your guest blogging on Racing Ready today!  Thanks!
Eric, March 21 at 2:37pm

Hey Dan,  Yes, we are going to be sharing Jay’s black Z06, but to be fair we’re gonna be running my wheels and tires.  I bet his black car will look badass with my black CCWs.  😀

Eric's 2001 Corvette Z06 w-black, polished rim CCWs mounted

It should be good to get an active autocross participants point of view, here. Racing Ready is looking forward to real, on-the-scene coverage & interesting pix.

Preview of Eric's 2010 racing season - Hoosiers on CCWs!

Thanks, in advance, Eric!


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