Guest Autocross Blogger Prequel From Eric

Here’s Eric’s “prequel” intro; to prepare us for his guest blogger activity this next weekend:

My name is Eric, and I wrote my first story when I was eight and my first novel at 15, so you could say I’ve been writing for awhile.  Like most people who fancy themselves writers, I’ve never published anything, unless you count an Internet article I wrote about seven years ago about a C4 Corvette brake upgrade.

Eric @ speed in a previous Corvette, at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway

I ran my first HPDE in September of 2002, with COMSCC (COM Sports Car Club) at NHIS (New Hampshire International [Motor] Speedway), and I also attended the Skip Barber 3-day racing school at Lime Rock Park in 2005.

Eric at SASCA Autocross - January 2010 (note the Hoosiers & CCW wheels)!

I’ve been autocrossing for about a year and a half with a yellow 2001 Z06 my wife’s nicknamed Sunshine, and have met a lot of great people along the way.  I hope you enjoy my coverage of the 2010 SCCA Solo National Tour event at Mineral Wells!

This will certainly be interesting, from at least the following 2 aspects:

  • for the high level of almost professional level of autocross content expected
  • for what will be sent as a great surprise about what good information will be posted here

Here’s a shot of Jay’s car that Eric will be co-driving at the SCCA Solo National Tour (shown below without Eric’s new Hoosiers & CCW wheels).

Jay's Z06 Corvette - taken at the SASCA 2-2010 'FrozenCross'

Racing Ready is looking forward to Eric’s (& Jay’s) highs & lows.  I also expect to appreciate what competition lessons are learned & taken home from this experience.


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