Vivid Racing Porsche – Countdown to 200MPH

Here’s something of note for those interested in fast, straight line speed!

From Vivid Racing:

The final count down to us reaching 200+mph at the Texas Mile event is going on at Vivid Racing and we are showing you our preparation LIVE!

Read the story here-> 20 Days to 200mph to understand why and how.

Vivid Racing - Vividly Designed, Engineered For Speed!

Starting March 27th, tune into our Twitter Account or Facebook Fan Page to get live updates and pictures from the event.

Vivid Racing Porsche 997 Turbo

It sure looks like they’re about ready to hold on tight!

This event, the Texas Mile, takes place less than 2 hours southeast of San Antonio, TX.   I’ve had many racing enthusiasts ask me about it, but I’ve yet to be able to get there as an enthusiast observer participant.  The event website is: The Texas Mile

The Texas Mile - Break the 200 MPH Barrier

Racing Ready likes fast, but hasn’t been to 200 MPH – only 1/2 way there, so far!


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  1. I am hoping to sneak out Saturday and go visit for a bit. Shannon and Jay that run the Texas Mile also own and operate NASA Texas racing. It’s a great event!

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