2010 TX SCCA Solo National Tour, Eric’s Day 2

Today was the first real day of Solo (SCCA-speak for autocross) competition at the 2010 Texas SCCA Solo National Tour.  Here’s the latest communique from the racing paddock by Eric, my guest blogger this weekend.

Day 2 of the Solo National Tour started early, with a driver’s meeting.  As you can imagine, there were a few more people than at the typical SASCA or Spokes event.

SCCA TX Solo National Tour, Day 1 Drivers' Meeting

Ricky, SASCA president extraordinaire, was out in the first heat, had some fast runs and was able to post a time of 81.366, out of first by just half a second.

SASCA Pres workin' it!

Early morning run group on grid, preparing for their first time out...

Chris made his national debut in STR and ended up in eighth place, not bad for his first major event in a brand new class.

Chris visualizing how to drive the course...

Super Stock worked second and ran fourth.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take any pictures from my corner station, but for some reason run group four was the smallest of the heats and we were severely lacking in corner workers.  My corner only had three, while one had just two workers.  Which wouldn’t be so bad, except that the SCCA requires us to record the class and number of every car at every corner, whether they hit a cone or not, and the person designated to the clipboard isn’t supposed to be chasing cones for that reason.

Dedicated track Camero, ready to roll!

Part of the HS class grouping on grid...

After about two hours of stress and another two hours of downtime, it was finally time for us to run.  There were a wide variety of cars on the grid, and Super Stock was dominated by Corvettes, with a lone Porsche GT3 and Lotus Elise to add variety.

Jay's car being given the once-over by an SCCA official

As you can see, there are some "cherry" cars in competition...

The course was fast and long.  Most of us are used to 45-65 second runs, not high-70s and low-80s.  Jeremy in a yellow C6 Z06 set top Super Stock time with a 79.595, and was the only car in our class to come in below 80 seconds.  Jay struggled to an 86.643, and the only way I’ll manage to not finish last is if someone passes away during the night.  Coning away every run and being generally unhappy with the car’s handling doesn’t help much!

The Super Stock grouping...

XP & other classes waiting on grid

In an effort to become more competitive, we adjusted Jay’s Pfadt front sway bar, which will hopefully make the car a lot more predictable.  The concrete was brutal on our tires as well, as the right front Hoosier A6 has started to cord at the edge.

At least the night finished okay, as we took a turn at the Spokes “Biergarten” before heading to a hole in the wall for some good Mexican food.  I am happy that someone from SASCA has a chance to win their class, and I’ll be making some passes to warm the tires for Jay, who still has a chance to move up in the standings.  The next major race, we’re taking MY car!

Racing Ready really appreciates of the efforts Eric has already put out thus far, as frustrating as it has been.  The fans at home are very appreciative, too.  Keep up the great work & let’s see a trophy!


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