2010 TX SCCA Tour, Day 3 – All The Details…

So, finally, here’s the full text & pix I got from Eric about what happened yesterday, at the 2010 Texas SCCA Solo National Tour competition in Mineral Wells, Texas:

The last day of the SCCA Solo National Tour in Mineral Wells started off chilly and early for some drivers as the first car out for Heat One was at 8:00 a.m.  This led to some creative attempts at keeping the heat in the tires, as evidenced by Ricky’s use of temperature reflective materials.

Hmmm, looks like the new Honda hovercraft prototype to me...did it work?

This is Ricky, SASCA President, showing well at this SCCA Solo competition!

Ricky’s would end the day second in B-stock to Jadrice, in a well prepared and well driven S2000 CR.  I managed to sneak in a picture of the two winners while they weren’t looking, as well as part of the Heat One grid.

Competitors Jadrice & Ricky, placing 1st & 2nd in their class...

Part of the Heat One grid...

Nice C Stock entry - I can't believe this nice car is in the same class as my Miata!

Today’s work assignment was so much more relaxed than yesterday’s, as Tia was taken out of the sweeper car and added to our corner.  Then, after relaxing a bit, it was time for our final session of the event.  The sway bar adjustment we made the previous day seemed to improve the car, and after our first runs I was looking forward to improving our times.  So I climbed into the car before my second run, got all strapped in…


…and the engine DIED.  Sputtered, came to a stop, and would not re-fire.  We thought maybe the gas gauge was wrong and the tank was empty, so Marianne, one of the stewards, lent me a couple gallons of gas to no avail.  No matter what we did, the car would not start, and both of us lost our second runs due to technical difficulties.

Which was when I learned that I could make my final pass if I had a different Super Stock car.  Fortunately, racers are an awesome bunch, and Mark G, who owns the Blue C5 Z06 in the background, lent me his car to use.

The generous Mark G, who owns this Blue C5 Z06, lent his car to Eric!

I DNFed after a brain fart on the easiest part of the course left me lost, but it was amazing I even had the opportunity.

The "brain-fart" part of the SCCA Solo course at Mineral Wells, TX

He had gotten his car recently, but what few changes he made led to a chassis with lightning fast turn-in and the ability to put power down out of corners like mad.  With a little more prep time, I bet it’ll be a front runner.

In a way, I was almost glad that we weren’t able to complete our runs in Jay’s car, as the grippy concrete did a number on the outside edge of my right front tire!

Owww, the front, right corded Hoosier tire... Hello, Tire Rack?

Then came the arduous task of pushing Jay’s non-running Z06 back onto the trailer.  Fortunately, Mark W and Matt, co-driving Mark’s red C5 Z06 pictured below, helped Jay, Chris and me with a push, and we were able to get everything secured without too much trouble.

Mark W’s red C5 Z06

Jockying Jay's trailer into position, for the human-powered Vader push...

Jay's Z06 Corvette is trailer parked & ready to return home!

After some time spent packing up and a stop at the Natty Flat Smokehouse for dinner and a photo op with the largest cedar rocker in the world, we headed home.

Tia, Chris & Jay wrapping up & packing for the trek back the San Antonio...

The caravan stops to admire the world's largest cedar rocking chair.

After an eventful weekend, it’s good to be home, though I’m not looking forward to waking up for work tomorrow morning.  I’m extremely disappointed by my times, especially compared to last year, when Sunshine and I were less than two seconds out of the top-10 and about six away from first.  But I thank Mark G again for giving me the opportunity to finish my last run in his Z06.  I’m looking forward to trying some of his setup tips on my own car.

Racing Ready is sad for the lack of good results for Eric & Jay.  Better luck next year!

And THANK YOU, ERIC for a nice job of documentation all of this, for those of us not able to actively participate.  We all enjoyed doing so vicariously thanks to you!


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