2010 Fiesta Challenge Porsche Rally In SA

At last Saturday’s Rides & Coffee (Cars & Coffee?) I met Jim Garity.  He is an active member of the Porsche Club of America, Longhorn Region.  He was promoting his club’s next fundraiser, which sounds like fun!  Below are the details Jim sent me in a follow-up e-mail:

Porsche Fiesta Challenge 2009 at Fair Oaks Ranch Country Club

As mentioned, our local Porsche Club chapter is putting on a rally for all marques on April 17th to benefit Wounded Warriors.  All proceeds will go to help the men and women who have sacrificed a lot for the freedoms we enjoy.  The Porsche Center of San Antonio is sponsoring the event so even more can go to this great cause.  Attached is the entry form.

The rally is simple – the shortest distance completing all check points and finishing is the winner!  (There will also be an appropriate number of additional finish places- 2nd, 3rd, etc.) No need to worry about time, so all participants can go out and enjoy the drive!  The rally starts at Fair Oaks Ranch Country Club at 1PM (optional luncheon at 11:30) and ends in Seguin around 5PM-ish.

Again, the luncheon and rally is open to all marques state-wide, so please feel free to forward this email and/or the attached entry form to your respective groups and interested individuals.

NOTE: All registration and payment must be received by April 10th!!!

Additional information can be found at our club’s website, www.longhornpca.org.

My contact information is: jag70c@hotmail.com, #210-493-6033

Thanks for your help!

– Jim Garity

Porsche Fiesta Challenge 2009, during a springtime shower...

Here’s more information about what a Gimmick Rally entails:


No Calculators – No Average Speeds – No Tricky Route instructions
No Hidden Checkpoints – No Stopwatches

You will need:

  • A Texas map and the ability to use it.
  • A usable odometer that cannot be reset.
  • The ability to decide the shortest route from A to B and use it.
  • Having a friend along to help would be fun also!!

When: Saturday, April 17th at 1:00 PM
Where: Fair Oaks Ranch Country Club Parking lot

All cars welcome.

Pre registration thru the Fiesta Challenge registration or at the start.
After a short odometer leg the entry will be given the name of a place,
i.e., Post Office, San Antonio

You must choose a route that will get you to that place with the lowest mileage.
You must not break any traffic laws. Or any other laws.
You must enjoy your drive through the wild flower laden countryside!!
If you do not have a good time, you will be beaten with a soggy noodle and disqualified!!

Get together at Kirby’s Hamburgers on Hwy 123 in Seguin after the event.

This just might be an event that Racing Ready will participate in – we shall see…


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