Coffee & Rides San Antonio, March 2010 Edition

While Solo/Autocross competitors were getting their tires warmed up for their first day of the 2010 Texas SCCA Solo National Tour (last Saturday, 27-MAR-2010) many car enthusiasts came for the monthly San Antonio Coffee & Rides (others call it Cars & Coffee), an informal & free car show.

Racin' rooftops...

I hadn’t been to one of these events  in a couple of months, so I was looking forward to it.  There seemed to be fewer cars attending, according to some who were there last month.  But overall it was a good selection of cars to see.

3 silver Miatas with a classic Triumph thrown in for spice.

Of course, Karlino (my 1999 Mazda Miata) was there.  I decided to deck out my car as it looks when I compete in autocross, with the appropriate car number IDs & sponsor stickers; AMSOIL Racing &

Karlino in "autocross attire" with his Miata & English bretheren...

More of Karlino decked out in autocross livery!

As is usual for these events, there were some rare & old favorites…

Vintage European Iron, an English MGB & an Italian Alfa-Romeo - sweet & sweet!

Another view of these vintage European Iron examples...

…some high performance limited edition America Iron…

A colorful groupng of Vipers - lots of concentrated horsepower here!

…and even a purpose-built racer for fun!

Dalton's "It's never too late to have a happy childhood" home-built racer!

I met with existing friends & acquaintances.  I also made some new friends & contacts, for both the blog & my AMSOIL business.  Racing Ready knows this is really is more than just a car “show & tell” get-together, but a good car enthusiasts networking event to take advantage of.


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