So, What Broke On Jay’s Z06 At Mineral Wells?

After Eric, my guest blogger at the 2010 Texas SCCA Solo National Tour, reported that Jay’s car broke, I wondered what happened.

Eric driving Jay's Z06 (Vader) at the SCCA TX Tour Nat'ls, by

Here’s the explanation I received from Jay about his 2003 Z06 Corvette fix:

Well, I got the car back this evening (Tuesday, 3/30) all repaired under warranty and ready for more fun.  It was a broken valve spring on the #1 cylinder & luckily there was no other damage.

Eric driving Jay's Z06, again, at the SCCA TX Tour Nat'ls, by

This repair was actually all covered under warranty, as Jay bought an extended warranty from CarMax when he bought the car from them.

So, now Jay’s back in business (weekend racing).  On top of that, Eric now has some ideas of what to do to affect & improve his car’s handling, thanks to his drive of Mark G’s Z06.

Mark G's Z06 at the SCCA TX Tour Nat'ls, by

Racing Ready likes to think that it all works itself out in the end…


P.S. – The SCCA put together a concise article about this event:
Tire Rack Texas Tour Concludes

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