North East Ice Racing Association

Poor Man’s Racing – on the ice!

As the snow season melts away, here’s what some winter racing activity from the northeast this past winter.

NEIRA - Racing Excitement in the Harsh NH Winter

Auto racing enthusiasts don’t have to put their hobby in idle just because it’s winter.  They can head for frozen ponds and lakes.

Courtesy of the New York Times

NEIRA - Ice Racing in New Hampshire

Click on the image below to view this article & scroll down to see the video – it’s a HOOT!

Click Here to See: "On Thin Ice" Video - The frozen NEIRA Racing Experience

It’s interesting how some raced during this snowy season.

NEIRA - Ice Racing, on the backstretch

Racing Ready feels this is certainly a different take of dealing with what life puts out there…therapy through racing.  🙂


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  1. Hi I am looking for former members of the old, original, North East Ice Racing Association from Maine. I think the last race we held was South Hope in the late ’70’s. We have a bit of business to finish up and disolve the old club.

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