AMSOIL Miata Rally Racing In The BC Snow!

Here’s some more cold weather racing information & inspiring video.  I came across this while looking up AMSOIL racing data.  This is in cold, rugged British Columbia, Canada.

IrnieRacing AMSOIL Miata - Initial curve under power

It’s the highlights of the ThunderBird Rally on February 7-8, 2009.  The driver is Marcel Irnie, the car is his IrnieRacing AMSOIL Miata.

IrnieRacing AMSOIL Miata - Powersliding through a curve

The Event:

The Thunderbird Rally is a winter driving adventure through snow and ice covered back roads in the British Columbia interior.

Following the Thunderbird route is simple, but staying out of the snow banks is not.



Racing Ready has a number of years experience driving in the snow, but not like this!  This is crazy, he’s on the knife edge of car control.

IrnieRacing AMSOIL Miata - Nicely setup for this corner at speed

Marcel Irnie does a great job, but I am not at all impressed about his driving without a helmet, practice run, or not.  DUMB!


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