Cars & Rides – April 2010 Edition & Pollen

Spring has been is in full force here is Texas.  Most of the floating green/yellow pollen that announced the arrival of this season has finally shown its mercy & departed.  That was evidenced by all the clean & shiny cars in attendance at this past  Saturday’s Cars & Rides – April 2010 (Fiesta) Edition.

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This is an informal, monthly car show event which takes place on the last Saturday of the month, here in San Antonio, TX.  See this beautiful Ford GT in GULF colors that was in attendance…!

Ford GT in GULF colors!

Attending this event is always a good excuse to wash Karlino (my 1999 Mazda Miata).  With all the above-mentioned pollen floating around, it wasn’t worth washing till nature ran its course.  About 3 weeks ago, at the start of this pollen season, I was out to drive Karlino somewhere & here’s what I saw on the convertible top – a pale greenish yellow dusting.

Yucky greenish-yellow pollen on Karlino's black convertible top

Yuck, that’s what we’ve been breathing in for the last 3+ weeks.  This was our worst pollen season in recent memory.  Previously I was never bothered by the stuff, but this year was a BIG exception – sneeze city!

More yucky greenish-yellow pollen on Karlino's black convertible top

Everybody’s car has had this pale greenish-yellow layer, so most people have simply passed on washing their cars.  It would be futile to wash it & then see your car recovered in pollen dust the very next day.

Racing Ready is glad the pollen season has passed.  Now I wonder, how it might have affected engine performance…?


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