3RD Generation Racing, Texas Dirt Grassroots

A few weeks ago I inadvertently locked my keys inside of Karlino.  What a pain!  But at least a I was able to call GEICO for Emergency Road Service.  After the flatbed truck driver, J.W., quickly released Karlino’s grip on my keys, we talked racing.

3RD Generation Racing logo

J.W. was already prepared, with materials at the ready, to promote himself & his Pure Stock racing car #80, & his family’s dirt track racing exploits.  He started by giving me a bumper sticker of where he races currently – the I-37 Raceway.

He also gave me a flyer that did a nice job of promoting this series of weekend family fun racing events.

I-37 Raceway - the Flyer

Also, J.W. showed me what sponsorship details are available.  In this piece J.W. gives a nice family racing history overview.  This good narrative appeals to those of us who want to continue this very Texas tradition of racing for his family.  Click to enlarge…

3RD Generation Racing - Sponsorship is Important!

And last, but not least, J.W. showed me some 3″ x 5″ photos of his current dirt race car, a striking blue, early ’80’s Oldsmobile Cutlass.

Circa 1980 Oldmobile Cutlass Dirt Racer - Texas style!

J.W. was all about how his family has been doing this since 1946.  He is the third generation of his family to continue this tradition.  That is why they call it 3rd Generation Racing.  In addition, he is working on building a race car for his 14 year old son, Junior.  Junior will compete in the Junior Series.  It sounds like he’ll have to change his racing team name to 4TH Generation Racing!

Racing Ready appreciates the strong grassroots efforts of rural, grassroots racing – this is how NASCAR started.  J.W., his family & his co-competitors are true to their racing origins.  I can really respect that!


P.S. – Please excuse the low-res pix – I only had my camera phone available…

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