AMSOIL Show Booth Promotional Video

As I ramp up my AMSOIL business, I have been working a monthly local gun show booth.  My good friend & helpful AMSOIL sponsor, Mike Westwood, is generously assisting me.  Mike most definitely wants me to succeed.  He has been a greatly supportive mentor, as I get established.

AMSOIL Products Display

Mike is always up to date with computer technology peripherals.  In the process, he sells off his previous technology solutions to move on the next, more capable technology.  I was able to benefit from this by receiving a Sony Webbie HD Digital Video Camera from Mike!

SONY Webbie HD MHS-CM1, in Orange

At the show I was able to learn the camera’s basic functionality & record a short video. Since we had our booth set up, I felt it appropriate that my first digital video promote our AMSOIL presence.  Mike is all about promotion & he greatly supports my blogging efforts.  Here is the video, after some basic editing in Windows Movie Maker:

To prepare myself for regular video contributions, I need to do 2 things:

  1. Purchase a SONY Memory stick (internal memory, obviously the onboard, internal memory isn’t going to cut it)
  2. Retrofit some sort of stable attachment point for the camera to mount on Karlino – should be a fun mini-project…

Car tripod mount...

Racing Ready needs to add more video content to this blog.  Having this little SONY Webbie will greatly help in this regard (it’s orange like a traffic cone).  I look forward to more of this…


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