Miata Journal, Multi-Media Miata E-zine Debut

Miata Journal - M

Visiting Corky Bell’s website, BEGI (Bell Experimental Group), I found out about a new Miata e-zine (online web magazine) called Miata Journal.

Miata Journal 'Cover'

They had an incentive (3 free months) to advertise, so I decided jump onboard.  You too will want to jump on board & subscribe for free – Volume 1 has just been released!

Miata Journal - Ready To Rock

As to full disclosure, I’m an advertiser in the Miata Journal E-zine…on page 24!

Racing Ready on Miata Journal!

See below for a sample of the Miatae & article topics you can enjoy as a reader:

Miata Journal article samples

Racing Ready is trying this to see what results will happen…  So, spread the word, subscribe & click through to the various advertisers at the Miata Journal!


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