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Texas Super Racing Series - Allison Legacys

I met the principal members & drivers of the Texdive Motorsports Racing Team just the other day!  Peter Runco, Manager of Texdive, has been grooming his kids to go as far as they can, starting with karts & Kart Runco Racing.

Since then, Cole (alias Rowdy”, car #19) & Lauren (alias “La La”, car #56) have graduated to the Legacy Allison Spec Racer car.  They are competing in the Texas Super Racing Series (TSRS)/Allison Legacy – showcasing tomorrow’s racing stars!

Cole Runco - #19 TSRS Allison Legacy - Texdive Motorsports

Lauren Runco - #56 TSRS Allison Legacy - Texdive Motorsports

They race these 3/4-sized NASCAR racing cars in the TSRS Series.  This is a cool, surprisingly fast & maneuverable car powered by a Mazda 4 cylinder truck engine.  The engine is internally stock, but obviously everything outside is not.  The secret is in tuning the chassis.  Here are the specific details from the manufacturer:

The Allison Legacy car is a three-quarter sized replica of a Sprint Cup car and is powered by a four cylinder MAZDA B-2200 truck engine that produces approximately 125 horsepower.  The cars use the standard MAZDA five-speed transmission.

The cars weigh about 1,400 pounds dry but must weigh a minimum of 1,675 pounds with driver to race.  The series is a “SPEC” series designed to minimize your racing costs and place the emphasis on the driver instead of the equipment.

“The Allison Legacy Cars are excellent equipment for the beginner to get his or her first exposure to racing,” said David Pearson, winner of 105 NASCAR Winston Cup races.  “They are well designed and professionally constructed cars that will give the drivers the same feel and experience they would get from a bigger and more powerful car.”

The Allison Brothers, sons of former NASCAR competitor Donnie Allison, are the creators of the Allison Legacy car.  Rules and National technical inspections are strictly enforced to limit alterations to the basic car. The engines are sealed and can only be rebuilt through Allison Brothers Race Cars.  The engines are resealed before shipment back to the competitor.  Almost all parts are spec and cannot be modified for competition.

And here are the detailed specifications of this well sorted out race car:

*  Body Styles – Thunderbird or Monte Carlo
* Engine – Mazda B-2200 120 HP
* Weber Carburetor
* Fire Suppression System
* Aluminum Racing Radiator and Electric Radiator Fan
* 4.8 Gallon Fuel System
* Sealed Engine with 5 Speed Transmission with Reverse Gear
* Vehicle Wheel Base – 80 Inches
* Vehicle Width: 60 Inches
* Length: 12 Feet 6 Inches
* Height: 42 Inches
* Vehicle Weight: 1425 lbs (without driver)
* Tires – Goodyear
* Wheel Size – 13” x 7” Steel Racing Wheels
* Wheel Width: 7 Inches
* Wheel Diameter: 13 Inches
* Aluminum Front Hubs
* Interchangeable and Adjustable Front End Suspension
* Quick Change Rear End
* Fully Adjustable 3 Link Lear Suspension
* Rack and Pinion Steering
* One Set of 4.86 Gears
* Four Wheel Disc Brakes
* Coil Over Shocks and Springs
* Aluminum Racing Seat and 5 Point Safety Harness
* Custom Window Safety Net
* Custom Instrument Panel – Tachometer, Oil Pressure Gauge and Water Temperature Gauge

In the picture below,  of both Texdive Motorsports Allison Legacy race cars, you can see how small they really are…!

The Runco Allison Legacy Race Cars, prepping to load them in the trailer

Peter Runco is a proud Dad who really supports his kids, who are now becoming young adults (Cole is 18 & Lauren is 17).  In order to support the demands of racing they are pursuing, both Cole & Lauren are home schooled.  You see, the Runcos aren’t doing this as a hobby.  Years ago Pete saw his kids achieve better than average, consistent finishes in shifter karts.  He decided to move this from expensive hobby to a serious business, & developed Kart Runco & setup an almost mile long track in South/Central Texas.

Pete, his racer kids & the team he has built up are seriously committed to racing success.

Texdive Shop & Lot panorama

Since the end of last year Cole has won all races he has entered in the TSRS Series.  His sister Lauren has finished usually about 3rd or 4th.  But they recently found out her car wasn’t performing to its potential.  This was due due to some broken parts, not working properly on her car.

This is the Texdive Motorsports Allison Legacy #56 - it's a bit cramped in there!

Pete also mentioned that in a recent track test at their local track, Thunderhill Raceway, Lauren set a time just .04 seconds shy of the track record.  So, watch out big brother!

Just a portion of the Texdive Motorsports shop, with the #19 Allison Legacy car

You will see more coverage of this team as they have just signed up, with me, to be an Independent AMSOIL Dealer, into AMSOIL Racing!  This will be fun & interesting!

Feel The Thunder at Thunderhill Raceway - Kyle, Texas

Racing Ready is looking forward to learning more about this Regional NASCAR feeder series.  It will be great to be involved in Texdive Motorsport’s growth & racing success.


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3 thoughts on “Texdive Motorsports – Regional Racing’s Finest”

  1. To Whom It May Concern:

    This is a letter to inform you that Pete Runco, the owner of Runco
    Motorsports, Tex Dive, PC Storage and Kart Runco, has a history of not
    paying his bills, not honoring his word and deceiving people,
    including employees. It is my opinion that due to his poor character
    he is NOT a person I would recommend EVER doing business with.

    During the short time I worked for Pete Runco he lied about the
    financial stability of the company, sexually harassed the female
    staff, continually used profane language, wrote hot checks to the
    staff, if he paid them at all, and paid payroll a week late. Also, I
    heard that he had before and was planning again to embezzle money.
    After I resigned as Marketing and PR Director at Runco Motorsports,
    Pete Runco refused to give me my final paycheck, nor reimburse me for
    approved expenditures, and STILL has not paid me to this day.

    Additionally, he threatened to press charges against me if I reported
    him to the TWC for not paying wages earned—which I did.

    I hope that in learning of my experiences others can avoid the
    heartache and inconvenience I have suffered.

    Warm Regards,

  2. I had just ran across this blog as I am closing in on Black water Pete and his criminal wife Carol. The comment JT made is only the tip of the ice berg,as of last week we have found that no less than 33 company complaints have been lodged against these parasites!

    Not only did he not pay his Divers(which Pete is not nor ever will be) the commissions he owes to people are also unpaid. I have a bad check for 888.00. This is just a small amount owed me, each time I have attempted to cash the check no funds were available.

    Pete Runco is a convicted Felon in the state of Texas as he did embezzle money from a company in which he was a salesman,not a owner. Runco doesn’t own a race team,it is all smoke and mirrors. Those toys he bought came from the hard work of Divers that he duped,lied to,conned and in my case ran and hid from like the coward he is.

    I am close now and will be helping local authorities the I.R.S.TWC,and anyone else to prosecute both Idiot Runco,and his nasty wife Carol, who by the way is the other half of the scam.

    Shaun Flynn MDV
    Victim of the Runco’s

  3. It has been brought to my attention recently that Pete runco is allegedly selling a kart track and karts to a friend of mine in IOWA in which he has already PD over 100k and mr runco wants 10.000 a month for 12 more months telling my friend he needs to hurry and sell due to terminally I’ll wife.my friend is losing everything he owns trying to pay

    Someone help me pls stop this monster..Pete runco better known as piece of trash

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