SASCA 2010 Autocross #5, By Eric!

Once again, Eric steps up to the plate as Racing Ready‘s well-regarded guest blogger.  Here’s what he wrote & recorded – thanks Eric!

Yesterday was the running of the fifth SASCA autocross of the year, a co-event with SPOKES at the Blossom Athletic Center.  As with most co-events between the two clubs, there was a large turnout, with 127 paid entries.  Vivek was in charge of designing the course (as Eventmaster), and he managed to come up with a layout that was both fun and challenging.

Sunshine, Eric's 2001 Z06

We were up in the first run group, and due to an incident involving a cross threaded lug nut, Jay would be co-driving Sunshine, my 2001 Z06, in Super Stock.  He was smooth and consistent, eventually getting down to a 46.1, as in the video below.

Meanwhile, I was struggling to break into the 46s, squeaking in with a 46.9.  I was changing my braking points almost every run to no avail, and I wasn’t nearly as precise around the cones as I would’ve liked.  Until, finally, I hopped into the passenger seat, got schooled by Jay, and decided to combine some of the good points of his run with what I’d hoped were the good points of mine.  The following, a 45.5, was the result.  You can still see where I lost time, but it was much faster than before

Believe me when I say that some of the full throttle sections were nerve wracking thanks to Blossom’s bumps, but sometimes you just gotta trust in your car!

On the SASCA-SPOKES joint autocross grid

The joint SASCA-SPOKES grid axiously awaiting their next runs...

Moral of the story is, take every opportunity you get to learn something.  Thanks to Jay for being a great co-driver and letting your car owner get the win 😀 .  Though I’m still trying to figure out how Rick, driving the grey Z car below, managed a 43.7, which was good enough for TTOD by 1.2 seconds over his next nearest competitor.  I think the FP field in Lincoln (SCCA Nebraska Nationals competition) had better watch out.

TTOD Rick M's FP class Datsun - He's FAST with that car!

All in all, it was a great event, and much thanks to everyone who pitched in.  Maybe next time we can even get Dan himself to come out and race!

Racing Ready is SO appreciative of Eric stepping up to guest blog for me, in my absence of participation.  My current work schedule has me busy on weekends until July.  Thanks again, Eric!

I did show up for the last hour & here’s the best autocross “move” I accidentally caught on video…you GO Vivek!


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