Autocross Knows No Age Limit For Leora!

Guest blogger Eric gives us a review of a new, young at heart autocross competitor!

One of the best things about autocrossing is the people involved.  I met Leora at last month’s SASCA autocross, where she was a spectator, and we got to chat about our mutual affinity for the Corvette.  This month, she participated in her C5 coupe.

Novice Leora's Corvette - front view from on the SASCA autocross grid

Aside from the custom paint and aftermarket wheels, the car features an intake, custom ground cam, ported heads, long tube headers and exhaust.  Inside, there’s a six-point rollbar, five-point safety harnesses, and a fire extinguisher mounted just in front of the passenger’s seat.

Leora's Corvette - following up the rear, in line at the SASCA autocross grid

I had the honor of being her novice rider, and from her first run to her second she improved a whopping 15 seconds.  Here’s a short video from the outside of one of her later runs, pardon the commentary (I believe Ricky was telling us a story about one of his rental car exploits).

An open road racing veteran, this was the seventy-year-old’s first autocross.  Hope to see you out there again Leora, and save the wave!

Racing Ready again thanks Eric for this blogged profile of Leora, SASCA’s newest senior autocrosser!


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