More Formula 1 in Austin, Texas Snippets!

More “proof” of Formula 1 actually coming to Austin in 2012 continues to filter in.  I found a video of Tavo Hellmund, race promoter of Full Throttle Productions, recorded at his lawyer’s office.  I’ll  let the 3+ minute video speak for itself – just click below.

Tavo Hellmund discusses the path of Formula 1 to Austin, TX in this video!


Seems like some pretty solid statements that Tavo makes…  What do you think?

Formula 1 logo

Another informed source released some solid information as to what could be the parcel of land under consideration for the Formula 1 venue.  Seems like a good choice, both close & remote enough, just along the Texas 130 corridor, of off Pearce Lane…we shall see!  I misplaced the link with more specific details.  Sorry, but here’s the image of that parcel:

Possible Formula 1 parcel SE of Austin, TX

Here’s another introduction/information video that gives more of an Austin slant:

Formula One track to be built within 10 miles of ABIA


But here’s a statement from Tavo reflecting a different, not-so-great tone:

But Austin promoter Tavo Hellmund, reportedly a friend of Ecclestone’s for decades, said he is not worried about the tight schedule for 2012.

“If it [the date] slides back, it slides back,” he said.

As more data comes across the Racing Ready desk whether it be “solid” or some really interesting rumors, I’ll post it here!


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